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Tari Lewis

LFA Board Treasurer

Tari Lewis, co-founder of MBA&C, serves as a CFO level consultant to several U.S. nonprofit organizations. Prior to consulting, she served as the CFO for other nonprofit organizations including the National Police Foundation. Tari worked in public accounting before joining the National Police Foundation where she served as the Director of Tax Research Services for the regional firm, Frasier, Dean, and Howard. Her work focused primarily on consulting with and transactions of nonprofit organizations and entities that support them including tax filings, mergers, asset acquisitions, contracts, compensation and international payments. Her public accounting experience also includes working with KPMG as a Tax Manager focused on taxation planning and compliance in connection with various types of for-profit entities. Ms. Lewis led numerous training sessions in the area of nonprofit taxation. Publications include tax newsletters, articles and IRS private letter rulings.


She is currently studying disruptive and innovative technologies for finance, enterprise and social use cases. Tari is a certified public accountant and has a BS degree from The Ohio State University.