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Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Hometown: Norman, OK

Reed Shafer-Ray is Co-Founder and COO of Lead For America. Reed joined the founding team after writing an article in their student newspaper describing the structural brain drain of the nation’s most promising young leaders leaving their communities behind to work in the biggest companies in the biggest cities in the country.


At Lead For America, Reed designed and executed a recruitment strategy that has succeeded in attracting over 5,000 young people to apply for Lead For America’s flagship two-year fellowship program, built the organization's financial, operational, HR, and compliance infrastructure, and manages a staff of 16 world class team members and growing. Reed aspires to be part of a world where every individual is part of an equitable, healthy, and caring community, where all are enmeshed in a deep network of loving relationships.


Reed was raised in Norman, Oklahoma and hopes to one day return to Oklahoma to serve the state that gave them so much. When not working or dreaming, Reed loves playing soccer, camping in the Rockies, and watching the OKC Thunder.

Jewish Oklahoman seeking joy within struggle.