All Current Hosts

Juliet Stipeche 

Director, Mayor's Office of Education

Houston, Texas (Population: 2,240,580) 


Rick Eneas 

Director of Financial Management, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Missoula, Montana (Population: 73,340) 


Nancy Fasching 

Community Impact Director, Southwest Initiative Foundation

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (Population: 422,331) 


Linda Jenkins 

Manager, Community Development Commission

Los Angeles, California (Population: 3,792,621)


Colby Lancelin 

Researcher, Atlanta Regional Commission 

Alpharetta, Georgia (Population: 65,799) 


Courtney Frisch

Project Manager, City of Decatur 

Decatur, Georgia (Population: 23,832) 


John McCormally

Chief of Staff, State Auditor’s Office 

Des Moines, Iowa (Population: 217,521) 


Sarah Labowitz 

Head of Communications and Policy, Housing and Community Development Department

Houston, Texas (Population 2,240,580)


Scott Erbisch

County Administrator, County of Marquette

Marquette, Michigan (Population: 20,629)


Karen Diemer

City Manager, City of Arcata 

Arcata, California (Population: 18,000) 


Christian Clegg

Deputy City Manager at City of Stockton 

Stockton, California (Population: 310,496)

Kim Namba

Administrative Services Manager for Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services

Santa Cruz County, CA (Population: 275,897) 


Sheila Rodriguez

Director of Constituent Services, Office of NYC Councilwoman Carlina Rivera

New York, New York (Population: 8,398,748) 


Mireya Reith

Executive Director, Arkansas United Community Coalition

Springdale, Arkansas (Population: 79,599) 


Chris Rembold

Planning Director, Town of Great Barrington

Great Barrington, Massachusetts  (Population: 6,855) 


Robert Blaine

Chief Administrative Officer, City of Jackson 

Jackson, Mississippi (Population: 166,965) 


Maggie Zhang

Executive Manager, City of Detroit 

Detroit, Michigan (Population: 884,363)


Emily Shields

Executive Director, Iowa Campus Compact 

Des Moines, Iowa (Population: 217,521)


Michelle Akers 

Executive Director, Southwestern Regional Day Report Center

Logan, WV (Population: 1,539)


President James Adakai

President of the Oljato Chapter of the Navajo Nation

Monument Valley, Utah (Population: 864) 


Jennifer Zuchowski

Manager Programs and Administration, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities.

St. Paul, Minnesota (Population: 306,621)


John Roberts

Deputy City Manager, City of Redmond

Redmond, Oregon (Population: 30,011) 


Patty Paser

Assistant to the Superintendent, Schenectady City School District

Schenectady, New York (Population: 65,625) 


Cordaryl "Pat" Patrick

Public Services Director, City of Dellwood 

St. Louis, Missouri (Population: 318,069)



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