KaRa Lyn Thompson + Esther Garcia, Extension Fellows '19

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Scott Erbisch

"Our Fellow provides rational descriptions to the impacts and proposes potential solutions for discussion. He represents new and creative thinking and brings an intellect that is critical for the future."

— Scott Erbisch,
Marquette County Administrator

"With the ability to take a creative and unique approach to issues in this area, our Fellow possesses skills to make an impact."

— Michelle Akers, Southwestern Regional Day Report Center, Boone County, WV

Challenging + Engaging Work

Fellows are dynamic, industrious and well-trained. We want to see proposals for interesting work and projects that would really move the needle for your community. The work must be directly related to strengthening and supporting civic institutions in your community.


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Oljato Chapter Navajo Nations 

Monument Valley, UT

Executive Director, Southwestern Regional Day Report Center

Logan, WV

Senior Planner,

Atlanta Regional Commission

Atlanta, GA

Christian Clegg

Deputy City Manager,

City of Stockton 

Stockton, CA

— Christian Clegg, Deputy City Manager Stockton, CA

“We’ve had an outstanding experience with our Fellow. Due to LFA’s rigorous vetting and training components, our Fellow is a very capable individual with a serious commitment to public service. They are delivering work beyond our expectations with a thoughtful approach to assignments coupled by meaningful work experience. This not only makes for a valuable professional opportunity for the Fellow, but also very intentional and quality work for the City.”



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