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Sharon Quituisaca, Extension Fellow '19 + Travis Ghidharie, Hometown Fellow '19
David Nifong, Hometown Fellow '19

"I can think of no better way to get started in a career of public service than by serving the city
that welcomed me with
open arms." 

— Grant Kirkpatrick, Fellow
Sharon Quituisaca + Travis Ghidharie, Fellows

Hometown Fellows serve their hometown communities in locations nationwide through high-impact, high-urgency two-year placements focused on strengthening their community's civic institutions. Fellows also participate in LFA's month-long Catalyst Institute, receive 1:1 mentorship, and join a growing community of young local change-makers. There are pre-confirmed sites and applicant-led placements. 

Fellowship Pathway I:

Hometown Fellows

State-Based Fellows have a strong connection to either North Carolina or Minnesota and serve in high-impact roles in local government throughout the state. State-Based Fellows also participate in their state's LFA affiliated month-long Catalyst Institute, receive 1:1 mentorship, and join a growing community of young local changemakers.

Fellowship Pathway II:

State-Based Fellows

Fellows at Catalyst Institute

Life As A Fellow

Fellows at Catalyst Institute

"Being a Fellow has helped me become more creative in approaching and addressing the issues my community faces. I've been able to establish networks of support and avenues of collaboration. What could have been a frustrating and lonely journey has been exciting and empowering."

— Shandiin Herrera, Fellow
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Cycle I:

Cycle II:

Cycle III:

Cycle IV:

Cycle V: 


Oct. 1 

Nov. 1

Jan. 1

Feb. 1 

March 1 (LFNC March 15) 


Submit video + cover letter. 

Oct. 15

Nov. 15

Jan. 15

Feb. 15

March 15

(LFNC March 29)


Interview + match with your host.


Interview with our team.

Nov. 24

Dec. 22

Feb. 23

Mar. 22

April 22

Nov. 16-17

Dec. 14-15

Feb. 15-16

Mar. 14-15

April 18-19