Travis Ghirdharie, Hometown Fellow '19


Fatima Taj, Summer Fellow 

"As a student, I appreciate Lead For America helping me connect with work I feel passionate about. They helped me cement my interests in law and government while also making an impact."

— Fatima Taj, Summer Fellow

"GovChallenge is a call for us to think creatively. It is refreshing to be challenged to think and engage my creative mental-muscle. It gave me the opportunity to take initiative to identify and offer a solution to a grand problem." 

— Priscilla Heaton, GovChallenge
Priscilla Heaton, GovChallenge '19

Current GovChallenge Projects

Delanya Storey, Summer Fellow '19

"Lead For America provided me with the indispensable opportunity of serving my community. It had been a long standing goal of mine and I finally got the chance to contribute to the amazing work happening in my city. Local government is an undervalued source of life changing and fulfilling work. Through my experiences as a Summer Fellow, I truly learned the value of connecting with city government. "

— Delanya Storey, Summer Fellow



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