Joe Grochmal, Fellow
Fellows at Catalyst Institute '19
Joe Grochmal, Hometown Fellow '19

"I was drawn to the fellowship by my desire to contribute to the continued success of my hometown and to work alongside other young people with similar hopes, dreams, and passions for their communities."

— Joe Grochmal, Fellow
Fellows at Catalyst Institute '19

Our Mission

By 2040, 1 million of our nation's most dynamic and diverse leaders working on our communities' toughest challenges.

Our Commitment

We commit to diversity and inclusion. To equity. To compassion in all we do. And to the courage to envision a better future.

Our Values

Service in Sacrifice | Equity in Action | Embodied Integrity

Innovation in All Things | Fearless Transparency 

Our Vision

A more perfect union built upon communities that care.

We want to name that, at their writing, these words from our founding documents — "a more perfect union" — excluded many people from their vision and were only made possible because of deep and systematic violence towards Native people and enslaved Black people. We believe that to truly create a future of community and care, we must reclaim our origin story — in all its messiness, history, pain, and truth — and break it open so that it can hold all of us.

Fellows at Catalyst Institute
Fellows at Catalyst Institute

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